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Principal's Message

Principal Message

Thank you to our K and new parents that came to our K coffee last Wednesday morning. It was nice to spend time with you in a small, informal setting and hear your thoughts about LO and get feedback from you. Thank you to our PTA for hosting this and also to our PTA, Site Council and Ed Fund members that could join us.  We look forward to seeing you at school events.


It is hard to believe that January is coming to a close however February is full of wonderful activities. The K children keep counting school days and are getting close to the 100th day of school, which is a day of sharing their collections of 100 with their classmates.


Our girls are looking forward to their evening with their Dads on February 6th. The Father/Daughter dance is always a sellout and such a fun evening. More info is available in this newsletter.


Throughout my career, I have shared with students, staff and families that we learn more from our mistakes/failures than successes. If we were always successful at everything we did, how would we learn to embrace failure?


Recently, a former student shared with me that he did not get the job he had interviewed for and would I meet with him and offer suggestions. We met and he shared how the interview had gone and what the job entailed. Although he did not have some of the requirements needed in this position, he learned about his interviewing skills and what he needed to focus on if he was to set his sights on this job. We had a good and honest talk. He was also brave enough to ask for feedback from the head interviewer when he received the form letter that he had not been selected for this position.


What did he do next? He made a list of his attributes and also the feedback he had received from the interview panel. He practiced his skills and took some classes as well as refocused his goals. I am happy to report that he had a successful interview with another agency in the field he wanted and is now not only gainfully employed but also enjoying the work and realizing this was the better “fit” for him.  He embraced his failure and learned that from this failure he was able determine what he needed to do and was successful the next time. By changing his perspective, he saw the failure not as a negative but as a positive way to reach his target.


Do we do this for our own children and students? Do we help our children/students see the steps they need to take if a test does not earn 100% or an assignment is done incorrectly? While we all want to get it right the first time, there are many famous people who did not earn their success the first time out. Listening, encouraging and guiding our children/students through failure/mistakes might be the best key to success.


Have a great week!